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A New Tool for Chronic Pain

To date, physicians have used a myriad of tools to restore quality of life and reduce chronic pain, and soon pain management physicians will have an exciting new tool to add- VR, virtual reality technology.
Dec 29th, 2020

Spotting the Telltale Signs and Symptoms of CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome can be a confusing problem to have, especially because it’s often difficult to diagnose. Here are a few of the signs and symptoms that may indicate you have CRPS.
Jul 26th, 2020

Why Walking Can Improve Pain

We know patients often are hesitant to become active fearing their pain will worsen. However, research shows gentle exercise like walking can actually improve pain.
Nov 13th, 2019

5 Health Benefits (and Uses) for CBD Oil

If you’re confused by the buzz about CBD oil, you aren’t alone. It can be difficult to understand when or if the product is effective because there’s so much conflicting information. Here are five uses of CBD oil that have benefits.
May 2nd, 2019

Great Advice for Managing Fibromyalgia Pain

The two hallmark symptoms of fibromyalgia, fatigue and pain, can make simply getting through a day difficult. Here’s some advice to help you manage life with fibromyalgia.
Feb 6th, 2019

What are Complementary Therapies for Chronic Pain?

Complementary therapies have strong scientific evidence showing that they help people manage their chronic pain. Complementary therapies can include a broad range of options, but are defined as therapies used alongside conventional medicines or treatments
Jul 8th, 2021

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a neurologic condition that can be challenging to treat, but with therapy, lifestyle changes and medications we can help you manage your symptoms and improve quality of life.
May 25th, 2021

Pain Relief Without Opioids

Pain does not need to control your life. If you are living with chronic pain speak with your provider about alternatives to opioids to restore your quality of life.
Apr 20th, 2021

Could Your Back Pain be Sciatica?

When your sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down through each leg becomes pinched, compressed or irritated the result can be pain ranging from mild to crippling. This is a common condition known as sciatica.
Apr 6th, 2021

COVID Related Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common issues to see a physician and now physicians are seeing more patients than ever with pandemic related back pain.
Mar 16th, 2021

Is Your Diet Causing Your Back Pain?

Chances are, back pain will impact you or someone you know at some point in your life. Millions of Americans with low back pain try a variety of therapies to calm the pain, but now what you eat might be part of the equation.
Feb 23rd, 2021

Surprising Headache Triggers

We all get headaches from time to time, they often come without warning and annoy us for a few hours, but eventually fade away. But, when headaches occur frequently or cause intense pain it can be disruptive to your wellbeing and quality of life.
Feb 17th, 2021

What You Should Know About Cancer Pain

Cancer pain is a common symptom of cancer. It is estimated, 66% of all people with cancer will experience pain. Cancer pain can have several causes, which can include the cancer itself, treatment or surgery used to treat the cancer.
Feb 12th, 2021

Botox for Hyperhidrosis Now Available

Chronically sweating in particular areas of the body can be uncomfortable and/or embarrassing for many men and women, frequently leading to feelings of self-consciousness in the workplace, social settings or even intimate situations.
Feb 10th, 2021

Common Myths About Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine infusion therapy is a treatment for a number of conditions including, CRPS, PTSD, depression and anxiety. However, myths still circulate about the treatment.
Jan 22nd, 2021

Dr. Saranita Shares Her Story of Grief

Some of our current and former patients have reached out after watching a recent Dateline NBC segment inquiring if Dr. Julie Saranita was featured in an extremely tragic episode last week.
Jan 22nd, 2021

What is Kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is considered a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure depending upon your overall health status can be performed in our office or outpatient surgical center. Your physician will determine which site is best for you.
Jan 19th, 2021

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex regional pain syndrome known as CRPS is a chronic pain condition in which high levels of nerve impulses are sent to the affected body site. c
Jan 5th, 2021

It's Cold Outside and My Joints Hurt!

Cold weather can often bring about stiffness, aches and pain. Understanding why certain patients react to weather changes is unknown, but there are steps to reduce your pain.
Dec 9th, 2020

Coping With Chronic Headaches

Headaches are one of the leading causes of chronic pain along with back pain and arthritis. A headache can seem like a daily, minor pain, but when these occur everyday they can disrupt your quality of life.
Nov 16th, 2020

This Treatment Might Finally Bring You Relief From CRPS

November is CRPS Awareness month, which is the perfect time to highlight treatment options that sufferers may be unaware of. CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain condition that most often affects one limb (arm, leg, hand or foot) usually
Nov 3rd, 2020

A Surprising Treatment for Arthritis

More than 50-million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form and obesity, previous injury and genetics can predispose you for the disease. As you age, the pain and discomfort with osteoarthritis can become more
Oct 18th, 2020

The Mineral That Can Help With Pain

Magnesium is critical in many body functions, but did you know magnesium plays an important role with muscle and nerve function along with reducing pain? 
Oct 8th, 2020

New Study Shows Yoga and Mindfulness Reduce Chronic Pain

According to the Journal of American Osteopathic Association a mindfulness-based stress reduction course was found to benefit with chronic pain and depression, which led to significant perceptions from participants with pain, mood and quality of life. 89%
Oct 2nd, 2020

Don't Ignore These Neck Pain Symptoms

For many of us, neck pain occurs from time to time and usually self resolves without seeking medical attention. However, knowing when not to ignore symptoms is key. Here are some of the neck pain symptoms you should never ignore
Sep 30th, 2020

Chronic Pain Has a Gender Gap

About 55% of U.S. adults report chronic pain in the last three months. It is one of the most common reasons for seeing a physician. However, more women than men are seeking treatment for chronic pain. In fact, women experience more frequent and longer last
Sep 22nd, 2020

Can This Curry Spice Ease Pain?

Turmeric comes from the root of a plant in the ginger family and is the main spice in curry, but did you also know it may contain important properties to relieve pain?
Sep 15th, 2020

Movement is Medicine Even With Chronic Pain

A new study highlighted in the journal Pain, led by Penn State research team found that when patients with knee osteoarthritis had an overwhelming sense of hopelessness or helplessness about their pain they were less likely to be physically active.
Aug 27th, 2020

Relaxation Techniques for Pain

Research has shown that chronic pain is complex and rooted in both emotional and social factors. Along with addressing the physical pain, it is also important to address the stress and other social factors that can contribute to pain.
Aug 26th, 2020

When Working From Home Becomes a Pain

The benefits from working from home are many, but it also brings challenges that can be a real pain for those with low back pain or neck pain.
Aug 17th, 2020

Shark Week is Here!

In recognition of the 32nd year of Shark Week we look at the diet of sharks and what humans can learn.
Aug 10th, 2020

What is an Epidural Injection?

An epidural injection is a minimally invasive procedure that can help relieve pain in the neck, arm, back and leg caused by inflamed nerves.
Jul 31st, 2020

How Can Kyphoplasty Help Me?

When spine fractures happen they can be painful, but also may put pressure on the nearby root nerves. Kyphoplasty can treat fractures and pain.
Jul 27th, 2020

Sensitive to Pain? You May Be Part Neanderthal

Many of us are part Neanderthal, a hominin that populated Euroasia over 40,000. Now researchers reveal a gene mutation passed down from these early hunters to a sample of British people.
Jul 24th, 2020

Sciatica Pain Management

The burning and painful sensations of sciatica can reduce your quality of life and leave you in severe pain. Treatment is available to reduce pain and increase quality of life.
Jul 8th, 2020

When is it Time to See a Pain Management Physician

While family, internal medicine and chiropractors can work with you to treat pain, only a pain management physician specializes in the treatment of acute, chronic and severely painful conditions.
Jul 7th, 2020

Vegan Southwest Pasta Salad Recipe

Anti-inflammatory meals can taste good and be affordable. Here's a recipe your family and guests can enjoy while receiving healthy benefits.
Jul 1st, 2020

How to Put On and Take Off a Face Mask

While face masks can be used to prevent the spread of the disease, placing or removing a mask without proper technique can increase your risk of contamination.
Apr 27th, 2020

How to Cope with COVID-19 Stress

COVID-19 adding stress to your day? You are not alone. Read here to learn tips and insights to navigate this stressful time.
Apr 6th, 2020

Mood Boosting Flourless Banana Bread

Bananas just don't look like smiles, they also contain mood boosting nutrients, which we can all use more of during these challenging times.
Mar 24th, 2020

Let's Learn from Blue Zones

Chronic disease is becoming more and more common in older age, but Blue Zones are a few places in the world with the lowest rates of chronic disease. We take a look here at what we can learn from them.
Mar 2nd, 2020

What is CBD?

One of the most exciting and promising compounds being studied to treat a variety of conditions. Misinformation and confusion are widespread, so let's take a look at exactly CBD does and doesn't do.
Feb 24th, 2020

Chronic Pain and Depression

Chronic pain can be both emotional and physical. Often, it can be difficult to determine which came first, the pain or depression.
Feb 17th, 2020

Anti-Inflammatory Sweet Potato Muffins

When we think of baked treats, we often think of cookies, cakes and muffins with little health benefits. But these muffins, are full of healthful anti-inflammatory ingredients including turmeric, ginger, cloves and sweet potatoes.
Jan 27th, 2020

Immune Boosting Vegetable Soup

The cold weather is back in Central Florida so it's the perfect time to mark National Soup Month with an immune boosting soup.
Jan 20th, 2020

We were honored to host Representative Ross Spano today at SLPI. We were able to discuss many topics including COVID-19, telehealth, research and issues pertaining to private practice physicians. Thank you Representative Spano for taking the time to learn more about issues facing our patients and physicians.