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Ankle Pain



Ankle pain refers to any type of pain or discomfort in your ankles. This pain could be caused by an injury or by a medical condition, such as arthritis. The ankle is composed of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the weight of your body and allow you to move.  The most common cause of ankle pain tends to be from a sprain, which is an injury where the ligaments in your ankle tear or stretch.  Your ankle may also be suffering from arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, as a result of a previous injury or simply just the wear and tear of your everyday life. When inflamed, rheumatoid arthritis may limit your ability to do your everyday routines and activities.
The first thing a doctor will typically do to diagnose the ankle pain is ask if and how the injury occurred. Then the doctor will examine the ankle, noting the amount of swelling and bruising. The doctor may order an ankle X-ray to determine whether there are any broken bones. He/she may also X-ray the leg to see if there is another related injury. This diagnosis will help your doctor determine whether or not you need traditional treatment or possible surgery.