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Neural therapy was developed in Germany based on the observations of a surgeon. He injected procaine (novocaine) in joints, veins, and throughout the body and noticed that headaches, pain, and skin alterations would disappear before his eyes. Neural Therapy is based on the theory that the human body needs to have a flow of uninterrupted energy, and scars or trauma may interrupt this system. Neural therapy aims at restoring this flow. Little is known in America about this safe, easy, and non-toxic technique. After a medical assessment, it will be determined what areas of your body will be injected. This may include scars, previous infections, fractures, or sites equivalent to acupuncture. The needles used are the size of those used for botox or insulin. Lidocaine is safe enough that it could be injected in a vein (as it is done during general anesthesia) and when used in small amounts, is generally non-toxic.