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Athlete Testimonials






“Plantar fasciitis was the first injury that I have had while training and I have been fortunate enough that I haven’t had to seek any care for an injury before this. I found Dr. Paez and have had a great experience, the treatment that I received here got me back to training and gave me the boost that I needed while training. After completing the treatments with Dr. Paez, my foot didn’t bother me again.”

Lauren Goss, Professional Triathlete


After therapy, Scott is asked to rate his pain, he jumps out of the chair and does a few squats. He says, “Wait, I am still looking for my pain!”

“When I injured my back while wresting a match for WWE three years ago, my pain was so bad that I thought my career was over. After receiving treatment from Dr. Paez at SLPI I was able to return to the ring and continue performing around the world. “

Scott, Professional Wrestler “Scotty 2 Hotty”

Doctor looking at X-Ray


“Dr. Paez’ holistic approach to pain relief and injury management sets him apart from other practitioners. Not only does he want to relieve the pain but his goal is correct the problem so that the pain doesn’t come back. He has a whole tool kit of homeopathic approaches giving the patient a few opportunities for relief. And Dr. Paez looks beyond the injury examining the entire inflammation process within the body and strategizing how to help that patient walk away pain-free and healthier. Dr. Paez has helped me manage not only a few chronic achilles issues but he cares enough to want to tackle my Cystic Fibrosis and give my lungs a tune-up using holistic medicine. Injury and health management is truly the “whole”-istic approach.”

Lisa Bentley, Ironman Triathlete


“Thanks for the good work. You’re the best!!”
Churandy Martina, Olympic Sprinter

“As an elite athlete, Dr. Paez has a depth of knowledge about sports and what it takes to compete at the highest level. He helped me overcome a few nagging problems and was instrumental in helping me win the World title! Thanks Doc!”
David Oliver, Olympic and Professional Hurdler



“Thank You Dr Paez for your exceptional ability and professional care helping with my injuries and my recovery from surgery. The service provided at South Lake Pain Institute is excellent and was very vital in my preparation for the World Athletic Championship in Moscow Russia.”

Dwight Thomas, Gold Medal Winning Olympic Sprinter